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Add a free profile give away

Add a free personal profile and be entered to win $100.

Qualified participants must have the following:

1) A complete free personal profile on Africa Business Connect
A complete profile must also include the participants personal picture, Country, State, City, and town of residence. All parts of the form must be completely filled out.

2) Participants must reside in one of the 54 countries on the African continent.

3) Participants must have a valid email address

4) Participants must add at least 3 businesses on the network platform to their favorite list when completing the form.

Africa Business Connect will choose one winner with the best and most complete profile each month to win $100

Please input the promotional code $100giveaway in the section of the profile form that requires a fax number

email us at info@africabusinessconnect.com if you have any questions regarding this promotion

Use this link to complete your free profile:  http://africabusinessconnect.com/profile/add.php